Wine: our passion

Microcell designs and manufactures high-technology bottle stoppers for the wine sector. Thanks to this philosophy Microcell has become, in the years, one of the leading manufacturers of closures for wine industry.

At Microcell we are meticulous about our compliance with National and International legislation in the food packaging sector, for both product and process safety, and more generally throughout the manufacturing and distribution chain.

This means that Microcell can offer a range of products and services that combine quality and food safety with innovation and design to meet the increasingly sophisticated requirements of the world of wine’s producers.

Consistently at the leading edge

1994. The first synthetic alternative to traditional cork stoppers for wine bottles appear in the USA;

1997. Microcell is the first company in Europe to import and market synthetic closures for premium-quality wines;

2004. Microcell commences production of synthetic closures. Microcell produces its first high oxygen barrier stopper.

2005. Microcell initiates collaboration with the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) – Stockholm – Sweden to study the dynamics of oxygen transfer through a three-dimensional closure.

2006. Microcell is the first company in Europe to develop an innovative fluorescence system to measure oxygen transfer through three-dimensional closures.
Launch of Microcell Alpha.

2007. Microcell begins a study to incorporate functionalised nanoparticles into synthetic closures. Launch of Microcell Pop.
Development of Microcell Barrique in partnership with the European Institute of Design

2008. Microcell embarks on the study of selective absorption of wine aromas by three-dimensional stoppers. Microcell becomes Italy’s leading manufacturer of synthetic closures for wine.
Launch of Microcell Exel, the first ergonomically shaped stopper for sparkling wines.
Microcell is one of the founder members of the Gruppo Tappi Sintetici Espansi (Expanded Synthetic Closures Group), the umbrella organisation for manufacturers of expanded synthetic closures.

2009. Launch of Microcell Easy and Microcell Pop Lite.

2010. Microcell establishes itself as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of alternative closures for the wine industry.

2011. Launch of Microcell Alpha Soft.

Social ethics and team work

Professional ethics: In every activity we undertake, we aim to comply with the highest ethical standards. Our relationships with the clients and all our other interlocutors, inside and outside Microcell, are firmly based on the principles of decency and honesty. We are meticolous about cumpliance with International legislation regulating the food packaging sector . In fact many of our operating procedures go well beyond the standards laid down by International regulations.
Similarly, we are constantly improving our collaborators’ health safeguards, the safety of their working environment and the security of our manufacturing facilities.

Ongoing innovation: In a constantly changing world, innovation is a critical value. At Microcell, innovation is an ongoing process. It is a synthesis of creative effort and technological research focused on constantly enhancing the value of our products.

Working in partnership with clients and suppliers: We want our clients to regard us as professional interlocutors who fully understand their requirements and propose appropriate solutions. We seek to build long-term relationships with our clients and suppliers.

Long-term perspective: We have a long-term approach to business. We believe that the excellence of company’s results derives from growth driven by knowledge, research and continuous improvement.

Teamwork: At Microcell we like to listen. We respect and take on board different points of view. We actively seek a range of professional skills that together will crate value for Microcell and for and for our clients and suppliers. We believe that In a complex, fast-changing world, our company’s success depends on the input of all those who work in it, share the same principles and strive for the same goals. We know that individual skills are a guarantee of continuity for that success over the years and as such should be steadily enhanced through ongoing training programs.

Microcell closures
live a thousand lives

Environmental sensitivity has always inspired Microcell’s activities.
For some time, Microcell has been carrying forward a project to gauge carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere from the company’s manufacturing process.
The project strives to gradually reduce Microcell’s carbon dioxide footprint and offset residual emissions in subsequent years.
Microcell’s ultimate objective is to achieve zero-emission enterprise status.

The route to that goal has several stages:
promoting site energy efficiency by using renewable sources of energy and constantly improving company manufacturing processes
restricting the environmental impact of company operations (waste management, reducing water and energy consumption, reducing amounts of packaging used and so on))
developing products with low environmental impact from their design and function.

All Microcell products are totally recyclable and classified as category seven in compliance with EC Directive 94/62, which defines and classifies packaging waste.
This means that once they have been extracted from the bottle and placed in special containers for the recovery of plastic packaging materials, Microcell closures can be used for the manufacture of other plastic products or for energy recovery.
It is equally important to remember that Microcell synthetic closures can be used without restriction for organic wines, in compliance with EU Regulation No. 203/2012 on organic production and the labelling of organic products.

Creativity and Professionality

Microcell operates in an extremely competitive context where the skills and professionalism of human resources are two of the primary critical factors for the company’s success. To join Microcell is to join a stimulating, dynamic environment offering genuine opportunities for professional development. If you are interested in developing your career at Microcell email your C.V. to

Innovative ideas
always spring from knowledge

When we were designing the Microcell range we started from wine: only by thoroughly understanding wine’s structure and maturation processes can you create closures that respect its integrity. The Microcell range of bottle stoppers is currently the most completed in the world of alternative closures: whether it's a fresh wine in which we have to protect the fruity notes, or a semi sparkling wine in which we have to ensure a constant level of CO2, or a sparkling wine or a great wine in which we have to protect the aromatic complexity over the years, whatever is the request of a wine producer Microcell has the right answer.

But Microcell is not just for wine closures, over the years the product range has expanded to include other complementary products. Among them: the wax caps and its applicators, aluminum screw caps and closures for barrels developed in collaboration with the European Institute of Design.

All solutions that, in line with our philosophy, combine performances, design and ergonomics, to give more value to our customers' products.

Easy | Alpha | Soft | Pop Lite | Tec | Pop | Exel | Exel C | Variety and colors

Top-level performance
and reliability

Today, synthetic closures are among the most reliable systems for storing wines in bottle. Modern manufacturing technology and new high oxygen barrier technical polymers make it possible to guarantee excellent protection during a shelf life of up to four or five years.
This makes synthetic closures appropriate for the vast majority of premium-quality white, rosé and red wines, with the exception of wines for cellar ageing.

The Microcell range of synthetic closures ranks at the top end of the performance scale.
Size and weight controls on 100% of closures ensure extremely high replicability of bottle-to-bottle performance.
Materials from the medical sector have some of the highest levels of neutrality available and ensure the correct conservation of the wine’s organoleptic characteristics.
Polymers with low potential for interaction with the wine’s aromatic fraction and high gas barrier properties virtually rule out flavour scalping and minimise the passage of oxygen into the bottle.

All this means optimal wine conservation over the years.

Easy | Alpha | Soft | Pop Lite | Tec | Pop | Exel | Exel C | Variety and colors

The closure for fresh
and fruity wines

Microcell Easy is the ideal solution to ensure the conservation of fresh and fruity white, rosè and red wines intended for consumption during the year.

Microcell Easy is characterized by:
excellent behavior on the bottling lines at high speeds.
high constancy in the extraction force that ensures easy removal from the bottle.
high organoleptic neutrality to protect the aromatic structure of wines on which it is used.
Microcell Easy is produced using Controlled Micro Injection technology, it has sealed ends and is individually controlled for weight and size to ensure to the big bottlers who have chosen them, such a uniformity in performances not found in other products in this category.

Technical Specs

Easy | Alpha | Soft | Pop Lite | Tec | Pop | Exel | Exel C | Variety and colors

The closure for still wines
with character

Microcell Alpha is the ideal solution to ensure the maintenance of those aromas that are a fundamental parameter of pleasure in white, rosè and red quality wines.

Microcell Alpha is characterized by:
good qualities of elasticity that ensure a pleasant extraction from the bottle, always constant in time.
excellent resistance to CO2 in order to protect the fragrance of the wines on which it is adopted. good barrier O2, among the highest in its class, to protect the wine from oxidation, which would compromise the freshness.
high organoleptic neutrality to protect the aromatic structure of the wines on which it is used.
Microcell Alpha is produced using Controlled Micro Injection technology, has sealed ends and is individually controlled for weight and size.

Technical Specs

Easy | Alpha | Soft | Pop Lite | Tec | Pop | Exel | Exel C | Variety and colors

The stopper that can be
extracted and reinserted

Microcell Soft is the closure of choice for wine bars and other situations where wine is served by the glass and the bottle has to be restoppered before it is it returned to storage. Microcell Soft is a high performance closure designed for high quality white, rosé and red wines.

Microcell Soft features:
outstanding elasticity for ease of reinsertion by hand after unstoppering.
very low carbon dioxide transmission to safeguard the fragrance of the wine in the bottle.
very low oxygen permeability to safeguard the wine from freshness-compromising oxidation.
very high organoleptic neutrality to protect the aromatic profile of the wine in the bottle.
Microcell Soft is manufactured using controlled micro-injection, stopper ends are sealed and each stopper is controlled for weight and dimensions.

Technical Specs

Easy | Alpha | Soft | Pop Lite | Tec | Pop | Exel | Exel C | Variety and colors

The ideal closure for bottles with
wide inner bottleneck diameter

Microcell Pop Lite is the ideal closure for the packaging of still wines, both white and red, on bottles with quite large necks or subjected to critical conditions of storage and transport.

Microcell Pop Lite provides:
excellent resistance to internal pressure to ensure high stability of the closure in the bottle;
high organoleptic neutrality to protect the aromatic structure of the wines on which it is used;
easy adoption on a wide range of sizes of bottle thanks to the large radius of curvature of the bases and to its elasticity;
Microcell Pop Lite is produced using Controlled Micro Injection technology, has sealed ends and is individually controlled for weight and size.

Technical Specs

Easy | Alpha | Soft | Pop Lite | Tec | Pop | Exel | Exel C | Variety and colors

The closure for structured
still wines

Microcell Tec is the ideal solution for structured white wines and full-bodied oaked or unoaked reds that require several years of ageing before reaching maturity.
Microcell Tec’s high performance derives from a combination of structural characteristics and technologically advanced materials.
Extremely uniform, compact cell structure ensures consistent bottle-to-bottle performance.
Low decline of radial strength confirms duration of performance levels over time.
Efficient gas barrier, particularly effective against oxygen and consequent oxidation of the wine.
Low absorption of aromatic compounds since end seals cover cell structure and materials used exhibit low interaction potential with volatile compounds in the wine.
Finally, Microcell Tec is manufactured from materials in which low molecular weight fractions – the most volatile – have been drastically reduced, eliminating the risk of impact on the wine’s subtle aromatic structure.

Microcell Tec is manufactured using controlled micro-injection, stopper ends are sealed and each stopper is controlled for weight and dimensions.

Technical Specs

Easy | Alpha | Soft | Pop Lite | Tec | Pop | Exel | Exel C | Variety and colors

The closure for
semi sparkling wines

Microcell Pop is a hig performance synthetic closure engineered for the semi-sparkling wines whose head space pressure does not exceed 3 bars at 20°C.

Microcell Pop’s main features are:
excellent resistance to CO2. From experimental evidence the pressure drop is extremely limited in time guarantying a longer life of the wine and its freshness;
high organoleptic neutrality to protect the aromatic structure of the wines on which it is used;
easy adoption on a wide range of bottle sizes which are used to bottle sparkling wines thanks to the large radius of curvature of the base and its elasticity;
low absorption of the aromatic fractions of wine thanks to the sealed bases, without visible cellular structure.

Microcell Pop finally presents a high resistance to pressure in the headspace, ensuring good stability of the closure even under the most critical transportation.
Microcell Pop is produced using Controlled Micro Injection technology, has sealed ends and is individually controlled for weight and size.

Technical Specs

Easy | Alpha | Soft | Pop Lite | Tec | Pop | Exel | Exel C | Variety and colors

The first ergonomic closure
for sparkling wines

Microcell Exel is a totally new development in sparkling wines closures. Its complex lines are the results of extensive study and represent a synthesis of ergonomics, design and technology applied to a closure for sparkling wines.

Microcell Exel guarantees:
consumer-friendly use provided by knurling of upper surface;
easy of removal over a range of serving temperatures;
very low CO2 loss to maintain wine fragrance in time
high chemical neutrality to conserve sparkling wines’ subtle aromas.

Microcell Exel is produced using Controlled Micro Injection technology, has sealed ends and is individually controlled for weight and size.

Technical Specs

Easy | Alpha | Soft | Pop Lite | Tec | Pop | Exel | Exel C | Variety and colors

The traditional closure
for sparkling wines

Microcell Exel C is the synthetic closure specially designed to make stoppering sparkling wines simple and secure.
The unfussy, entirely symmetrical shape means Microcell Exel C can be used even on bottling lines without an orienter.
The truncated cone-shaped base has been specially created to ensure correct positioning of the wire hood over the stopper and maintain the signature mushroom shape once the stopper has been extracted from the bottle.
Very low carbon dioxide transmission keeps the wine fresh over time while the very high level of neutrality of the materials used conserves the delicate aromatic profiles characteristic of sparkling wines.

Microcell Excel C is manufactured using controlled micro-injection, stopper ends are sealed and each stopper is controlled for weight and dimensions.

Technical Specs

Easy | Alpha | Soft | Pop Lite | Tec | Pop | Exel | Exel C | Variety and colors

A range of colors
constantly in evolution

The screwcap
for fresh and fruity wines

Microcell Screwcap is an aluminum roll-on tamper evident screw cap designed to protect both white and red wines over the years.
Thanks to the adoption of high performance sealing liners Microcell Screwcap guarantees extremely low flavor absorption, high organoleptic neutrality and excellent gas barrier, keeping wines complex aromatic structure unaltered in time.

Compared to traditional closures Microcell Screwcap:
removes the risk of cork taint;
reduces bottle to bottle ageing variability;
provides selected gas barrier, in accordance with the chosen liner, to prevent wine from oxidation that would compromise its freshness
drastically reduces flavor scalping;
guarantees absence of off flavors from the closure to the wine;
is easy to open and to reseal.

Microcell Screwcap is one of the most effective closures presently available to allow the wine in each bottle to maintain its true character and to mature and develop consistently and uniformly.

Technical Specs

Design and performance
at the highest levels

Microcell Barrique origins from the collaboration with the European Institute of Design, one of the most famous institutions for research and study of design in Italy.
Microcell Barrique brings ergonomic concepts to the world of barrels thanks to its original design.
triangular handle shape and round, smooth edges are a significant innovation enabling easier insertion and extraction form the barrel’s.
transparent silicone “bubble” allows bungs customization, while the two different handle colours simplify wine identification while in the barrel.
Technological innovation:
Innovation goes beyond ergonomic design: Microcell Barrique has been conceived to improve wine preservation while into the barrel. Oxygen and thermal favorable conditions are the main cause of aerobic bacterial growth within the barrel. Thanks to its constituents, Microcell Barrique minimize oxygen transfer through the bung’s core preserving wine quality and organoleptic integrity. Microcell Barrique: because the quality of your wine is important.

Technical Specs

Sheer elegance

Microcell Cap is made from microcystalline wax, an alternative to traditional polyaminate or tin capsules that gives the bottle an elegantly exclusive aesthetic appeal.

For the consumer, initial contact with the product is inevitably visual. This means that packaging design is fundamental to communicating the sensations that the consumer will rediscover in the wine itself.

Microcell Cap breaks the mould of traditional packaging, enabling the producer to present the customer with an original and very stylish visual impact.

Stopper extraction is simplified with Microcell Cap since it is no longer necessary to remove the capsule, which can be irritatingly difficult. Just perforate Microcell Cap with a corkscrew and extract the stopper. Thanks to Microcell Cap, this simple operation is all that separates you from your favourite wine.

Microcell Cap can be used on bottles of all formats.

Each Microcell Cap is individually controlled for diameter, thickness and aesthetic appeal.

Technical Specs

The automatic applicator
for Microcell Cap

AutoCap is an applicator specially designed for the automatic application of Microcell Cap on automatic bottling lines.
AutoCap is available in two versions:
AutoCap3.6 for application speed up to 3,600 bottles / h;
AutoCap8.0 for application speed up to 8,000 bottles / h.
AutoCap comprises a hot melt dispenser group to apply adhesive to the top side of the cork and a pick-and-place unit that retrieves and inserts the Microcell Cap disc capsule inside the bottle neck.
The advantages:
AutoCap extremely compact fully stainless steel chassis enables the group to be located anywhere on the bottling line without the need for any further line modification. Its installation only requires one meter of free conveyor belt downstream of the corker, a power supply, a source of compressed air and AutoCap is ready to operate. Thanks to its recessed applicator head AutoCap does not interfere with other applicators for traditional capsules as the application group can be raised to allow the free passage of bottles.

Technical Specs AutoCap3.6 Technical Specs AutoCap8.0

Introduciong the Alpha S

Microcell introduces its new synthetic closure named Alpha (Alpha Soft) Microcell Alpha S engineered for those wines, both red and white, whose shelf life exceed the 24 months and to be re-corked after the initial opening…
Read More Download the pdf

WOODY: introducing a new
“cork imitation” finish

Microcell introduces WOODY, a new cork imitation finish. The new finish, visible in photo, is available for all Micorcell closures in natural, hazelnut anc beige color...
Read More Download the pdf

Reliability, safety and technological excellence

Every Microcell product is the result of a complex process of industrial design that ensures high levels of performance and extensive reliability over time.

Microcell has always combined industrial manufacture with original technological solutions to deliver the excellence of performance and service that customers expect from every Microcell product.

To ensure this remains so, every wine stopper is manufactured by controlled micro-injection, an innovative production technique that delivers extreme precision of product weight, uniform cell structure and, crucially, stoppers with both ends sealed to reduce flavour scalping and minimise oxygen transfer.

The Microcell range of microcystalline wax capsules is manufactured using a proprietary process that makes it possible to relief print logos in extremely high-resolution on the capsule itself.

Our barrique stoppers are unique in having been designed to ergonomic criteria. They are manufactured by co-injection, a sophisticated process that simultaneously produces the elastomer body and technopolymer handle, deliveringa product with outstanding structural solidity and a long useful life.

Precise, uniform
and with sealed ends

All Microcell closures are individually manufactured by controlled micro-injection.

Controlled Micro-Injection is a proprietary manufacturing process that permits production of closures with:
1. very precise product weight
2. very uniform body cell structure
3. ends covered by a thin layer of compact material – sealed bases

Thanks to a thin layer of covering material that restricts the transfer of oxygen through the stopper, sealed bases minimise flavour scalping.

Products manufactured using controlled micro-injection present a replicability of mechanical properties and gas barriers not found in other, traditionally manufactured synthetic closures, enhancing bottle-to-bottle uniformity of wine maturation.

Raw materials | Process | Certification | Guarantee

Individually controlled

The objective of the Microcell quality system is to guarantee that every Microcell closure is suitable for its intended purpose.
Microcell is a “lean-organised” company, which means that its quality system is based on the principles of total quality:
control of critical process parameters,
involvement of line staff in quality management,
ongoing improvement.
Microcell’s quality system permeates the entire company, from product development to supplier management, the distribution network, process analysis and the uniform, measurable management of company performance.

One of the foundation stones on which the quality system is based is 100% control. Microcell is the only manufacturer in the world to guarantee weight and size control on 100% of its closures and capsules.

The entire range of Microcell closures is 100% controlled for weight, diameter and length using systems that guarantee precision to the nearest thousandth of a gram or hundredth of a millimetre.

All wax Microcell Cap capsules are individually controlled for thickness, diameter and surface defects.

Our underlying objective is zero defects and everyone at Microcell is committed to achieving that goal.

Raw materials | Process | Certification | Guarantee

Pure, neutral and recyclable
al 100%

All materials used in the manufacture of Microcell products comply with the specifications of current European regulations for food industry applications.
Microcell has drafted extremely selective control plans for each of the raw materials used in the production process.
Each batch of incoming material undergoes a series of scheduled tests, comprising
mechanical tests to ensure the material complies with specifications laid down,
gas chromatography tests to ensure the absence of any potential pollutants that could alter the organoleptic profile of the wine.
spectrophotometry and colour transfer tests to ensure the absence of pigment bleeding.
Tests are carried out by suppliers who have adopted a self-certification regime or at our own laboratories for materials from suppliers who are not self-certified.
In line with the Microcell philosophy, tests are carried out on 100% of incoming batches of raw materials for our manufacturing cycles.

Raw materials | Process | Certification | Guarantee

High technology
to the service of wine

To achieve our objective of zero defects, we have to monitor our production process extremely closely.
That is why for all our current processes and for every new installation we set up, we implement a process parameter study.
For very complex testing, we use statistical methods such as D.O.E. This means we can act directly on the causes of process variability, progressively reducing defectiveness.
Where 100% testing is not possible because it is destructive, we use Poka-Yoke fool proofing methods.
At Microcell we monitor in real-time all the process parameters we consider to be critical at every stage of manufacture. The results are collated using statistical methods of analysis, accessed and then made available to all sectors of the company.
This system enable us to guarantee 100% traceability of critical process parameters for every production batch.

Raw materials | Process | Certification | Guarantee


Microcell offers its partners an integrated quality management system capable of delivering a reliable response to the company’s interlocutors in the context of a broad vision embracing all Microcell’s customers, employees and suppliers.

Product certification
All materials used in the manufacture of Microcell products comply with the specifications of current European regulations for food industry applications. All Microcell products undergo regular specific and global transfer tests at independent certifying bodies which certify their compliance with European directives concerning the use of plastic packaging in direct contact with food.

Shrinking the carbon dioxide footprint – zero emissions
Microcell has initiated procedures to estimate the quantity of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere by the company’s manufacturing process. The aim of the project is to gradually reduce the company’s carbon dioxide footprint and offset residual emissions in subsequent years. Microcell’s final objective is to achieve zero emission status.

ISO 9001/2008
Microcell obtained the new ISO 9001:2008 certification in November 2010. The company’s first ISO 9001:2000 certification was obtained in 2007, when the first system certification was issued

ISO 22000
To offer customers an absolute guarantee of compliance with food and hygiene standards, Microcell is working towards certification of the company management system to ISO 22000 international standards for the food industry.

Raw materials | Process | Certification | Guarantee

100% safety

Microcell guarantees that all its synthetic closures for wine are individually controlled for weight and dimensions and that all its disc capsules are individually controlled for diameter, thickness and surface defects.
These controls enable Microcell to supply products that deliver extremely high closure-to-closure performance replicability over time, conserving the wine in the bottle in the best possible manner.

To pursue excellence
without compromise

In a constantly changing world, we like to think there is always an innovative solution to any given problem. The challenge lies in seeking out and identifying a solution that does more than merely satisfy client expectations.

At Microcell, applied research has always been viewed as strategic in identifying technological innovations to ensure our products deliver increasingly elevated standards performance.

Microcell has been working with a number of technological partners for years, including some of Europe’s leading university and research centres.

Wine is a living food. Only thoroughly understanding wine’s structure and maturation is it possible to create closures that respect its integrity. Microcell’s applied research explores three main avenues:

Innovative Closure Studies- Active Packaging
We research innovative technologies to create closure systems with constantly enhanced functionality so that wines will mature longer and better.

Closure – wine interaction studies
Wine’s aromatic complexity is perhaps one of the most fascinating fields of study.
For some time, we have been optimizing quantitative analysis of the absorption of the aromatic compounds in wine by the closure which comes into contact with it. We carry out ongoing studies of selective absorption by our closures and investigatepotential sources of aroma transfer. We strive to guarantees to producers that the aromas of their wines will maintain their cleanliness, integrity and intensity.

Innovative Materials
The study of increasingly wine application-targeted polymers and additives. Our objective is to ensure that bottles will have a longer shelf life.

Design is the union among vision,
technology and creativity

We at Microcell have always paid particular attention to the design of our products. From the initial idea through development to the conception and manufacture of the final product, design is always to the fore.
And at Microcell, design means above all ergonomic styling to give our customers products that combine good looks with pleasing everyday use. One example is Microcell Exel, which fuses ergonomics and performance in a closure that unites supreme sparkling wine uncorking pleasure with extremely low carbon dioxide transmission.

Microcell Barrique is another fine example of Microcell’s design concept. Microcell Barrique imbues a high-technology body with innovative ergonomics.

This means that the wine is conversed more efficiently during maturation in barrique and the aesthetically pleasing closure can be removed effortlessly.

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